We aren't the one that set everything in position. We are just the one who plan for everything and we let Allah decides for us.
Sometimes I might think why Allah tests me with this thing? Why not He tests my friends or other people?

I need to remind myself, test from Allah is tailor-made. My clothes size is almost the same with yours, but there must be a bit different. Maybe the measurement of shoulder or anything. :)

When the test from Allah is tailor-made, so yes for sure it can fit you, honey. You don't need another tailors to fix the clothes. Just wear it and be thankful to your tailor that is Allah. 

Sometimes we can see our life is so wonderful but we forget to thank Allah for that. But, when we're miserable, we ask Allah why oh why. It's fair enough when you forget someone when you happy with your life and you find them when you are miserable?

Think about it. Be grateful with what you have. Be thankful to Allah. 
p/s : give chances for the people around you to change. don't be too harsh on them.
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